Monday, September 9, 2013

Walking the Walk

I love to write.
I guess I am lucky that way in that I get great joy from putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys...

Yesterday, I said aloud, as I often do,
"I am going to write a book about X Y Z, fill in the blank with interesting thing here."
"Well then, why don't you just do it?" My twelve year old daughter asked.

Hmmm...whose voice would that be?  Um, MINE to everyone else but myself?
We create a culture with our own actions, or inactions as the case may be.
I preach to these guys to follow their dreams; be fearless; just do it, what's the worst that could happen?

Not starting, that's the worst that could happen, and that is what their mama is doing!
I already wrote one children's book.  An amazingly talented friend illustrated it.  It's sitting on a shelf.  What's my excuse?  Don't have one.

As I fell asleep last night, I had an idea for another children's book.  I woke up this morning and got my ideas down on paper.  It was sooooo much better in my twilight haze, but you know what?  I got up and wrote it down and now I can work with it.

The hardest part is starting and who am I to encourage my children with words and not actions?

So there you go, "Why don't you just do it?"  You are right Sophia!  Why not!!
A mama and her encourager