Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Life

"What do you miss most about being 5 years old?"

Rainn Wilson asks this question on his website

I can only reason that at the heart of this question must be that whatever we answer, why can't we have that back as an adult? 

There is that joke about the adult and the kid in the candy store.  The kid wants all of the candy, but doesn't have the money.  The adult says sarcastically, "The sad thing is kid, when you have all the money, you don't want all the candy."

What do you miss most about being 5 years old?  What's stopping you from being that way again?

1 comment:

  1. This is a great post, great question. I have been trying since I started my blog to get to that essential childhood nostalgia and can't seem to do it. Miss most -- long shapeless days, playing outside after dark, checking out big stacks of picture books out of the library. That's 3 things.