Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Daze

Summer reminds me why I love Wisconsin; it's February that makes me quickly forget.  Wisconsin people are so wonderfully kind all year round, as a gross generalization, but in summer, it's as if we are all children again.

Today the family, myself included, went to a book festival.  I have to say it warms my heart that my kiddos get as excited about books as they do ice cream, and that is pretty excited. (sidethought-what if a small, white truck drove around the 'hood, playing obnoxiously loud music and handing out books?  I think Dominic would seriously spontaneously combust)

ANYway, some of you might remember that I was bestowed with the great honor of being one of the "Lousiest Chefs in SE Wisconsin".
(Dom still calls it the 'dirtiest chef', which sounds really bad)
Well, today,that 'Lousy Chef' was front row at the cooking demos thank you very much!  Wisconsin Veggies and Herbs are now my friends!  I got this really groovy book too:

Nancy Stohs, the wonderful reporter that chronicled the 'before' and 'after' of the Lousy Chefs, namely myself and a gentleman named George, kindly warned me that there could be a follow up down the road to see my progress, or lack thereof.
Well, we now belong to a CSA, Wellspring,, we have our own garden, and I even made the famous Bartollotta's Spinach lasagna for two other families.  If all else fails, I will heavily bribe my family when we get the call...:)

Just imagine what I can do when our oven gets fixed!  (that is a tale for a different time)

Final thought-the peeps and I went camping at Mauthe Lake last weekend and had a fantastic time with many friends.  That has always been a dream of mine, to go camping with the kids, beyond the backyard.  To wake up to blue sky and majestic pine trees, what a gift. 

Thanks for reading, and I wish you joyous summer days in tents, gardens, hammocks, and loving arms. 
Be well!

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