Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuck in the Middle, With You!

So, after my last post, it's so good to know that I am not alone!  Many of us are feeling stuck right now.  I have a few blogs that I read religiously, and even one of those is hosting a book club about bringing more Simplicity into one's life. ( 
We can feel consumed by our stuff, see my previous post:
or we can feel stuck within ourselves, just to name a few ways from personal experience.

I know one of the ways for me to feel good down to my toes, is to run away, literally.  I started training for a half marathon last year, probably too early now that I look back.  But there, perfect example-I am stuck in my own thoughts regarding this challenge!  I threw in some negativity for ya.  :/

I find that when I just shut up and run, I feel exhilarated!  Given the space and time to doubt myself though, (say when I have to work and don't have time to go) I am filling that void with negative self-talk.

I am going to pick up a great book I found awhile back and start reading it again-Working Out, Working Within.  Jerry Lynch helps to break down the negative demons that we conjure up for ourselves.

It kinda comes back to the law of attraction: "I can't make it up this hill", then you can't.  Or, in life, "Life is hard.  I am tired."  It is, and you are. 

A friend of mine just ran the Boston Marathon.  Upon reflection of her race, Amy put it in perspective.  She kept her family and friends that are fighting cancer in her thoughts as she climbed the hills of Boston.  She drew from their strength in a battle for Life, makes running a race feel easier, and it reminds us all that many of our battles are ones of our choosing, if we are lucky.

So, with a renewed sense of determination, I am lessening the battles (that I am lucky enough to even call "battles") raging within my own mind and I am going to hit the pavement for a good run today, even if it is through the snow in April.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog after googling images for "waiting". Thank you for sharing your words. *Many of our battles are ones of our choosing*... really helpful perspective.. it sure can be liberating to realize this, and then take responsibility for our choices, and see that we have the power to change some of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Easier said than done. Thanks, again.

  2. Got this in my memories today. These are such good reminders. I've been studying meditation lately. Learning we are all plagued by tormenting automatic negative thoughts. Overcoming those is a big key to contentment.

  3. That it is. We have the power to silence those voices and meditation is a beautiful way to acknowledge if there is negativity and then let it go...
    Thank you for your note Amy; I hope you and yours are doing well!