Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Parties

I am having major mother guilt.  Sophia's birthday is Tuesday, May 4th, (yes, International Star Wars Day-May the Fourth be with you!) and I did not plan a party for her.

I have friends that start planning parties months in advance for all of their children, each with its own theme.  When my kiddos were in school, I would pick the closest Saturday, send out the invites, and plan out the theme.  Now that we homeschool, they have more friends, and of varying ages.  Sophia's close friends vary in age from 5-16, and about half are boys.  I have also noticed that she isn't as focused on the party idea.  She wants to have some friends over for a sleep over some time, but she isn't making it a super big deal.

So why is it, that as her mom, I am the one feeling guilty that we are not doing a more commercialized, no, not commercialized, I don't know, making a bigger deal out of it?  Why can't I just celebrate that my kiddo is so grounded and just wants to be with her friends, she's not all about getting presents, buying favors and the like?

On her birthday, we might head to Chilton to go caving, or to the zoo, or the museum, she has yet to decide.  She gets to pick what she wants for dinner, and she wants Pasta Roni "Shells and White Cheddar".  I don't think she has yet to comprehend my new culinary abilities :)  We are making a cake for dessert.  We might grab ice cream with friends sometime that day too...

So again, why do I feel guilty?  We are going to do a sleepover in the summer, but the focus will really be on friends getting together and having fun...Why can't I just let go and let her have what she wants?  I feel like I am depriving!! What do you do when your kid has a better head on her shoulders than you do??

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