Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yup, that's me

Well, today was pretty funny.  My dad called at 8 AM to say not only were we in the paper, but my "huh?" expression was a part of the headline.  Shortly after, I got calls from my Grandma, a lady from church offering me cooking lessons, our insurance agent offering his condolences to my husband, friends, neighbors, countrymen, you name it.

 Look at these faces though, cereal is good for the body, right?  Did you notice Jerry the Weimaraner is more than happy to take that grilled cheese off our  hands...someone posted a comment on jsonline that I must have ADD that I can't make a grilled cheese right.  I never knew fame could be so cruel.  I will get even with them in a tell all someday...


Some of you might see books that you got me in this pic.  I really hope that I will be using them  soon.  The pressure cooker is on now; people are asking when I am going to make them dinner, post-lessons.  Let's just say Rome wasn't built in a day people...this is going to take time.  

Sunday is the first lesson.  The chef at "Crazy Water" is going to be teaching us.  I cannot wait!!!!  I will keep y'all posted.
Sweet dreams!

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  1. You are adorable, and the entire story of the Lousy Cooks contest makes me smile! I'm envious of your upcoming cooking lessons.