Monday, April 12, 2010

Now we're cookin'!

Today I got my first cooking lesson for "winning" the Lousy Cook contest through the Journal-Sentinel.  Let's just say it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!

We went to Crazy Water in Walker's Point, and our teacher was chef Peggy Magister.  I learned so much, I think I am still processing (get it, food processing??)  Below is a photo of Peggy at home.  She is a wonderful person and an absolutely amazing chef.  I feel so lucky to have met her.

Peggy taught us how to make Caesar salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, oven roasted potatoes, gourmet grilled cheese, wild mushroom soup (to die for!!), and tons of different kinds of veggies.  We just had so much fun!  The biggest thing I learned is how to be fearless.  She threw in pinches of this, tasted, a pinch more of that, tasted, she just cooked with pure joy. 
She taught us everything from how to hold a knife to how to blanche veggies.  I had no idea that veggies are so easy!  No more canned veggies for us!  She really took her time with both George, the other 'lousy cook', and me.  I learned a ton.

I was so inspired, that the kids and I cooked dinner for Tony tonight.  We went grocery shopping, bought ingredients that previously did not have a home in our kitchen such as Worcheshire sauce (that was fun to hear the kids say) and Rosemary.  I have grown herbs in a pot before, but never knew what to do with them!

The kids and I donned our aprons- Nancy Stohs from the Journal Sentinel gave me a really cool apron with "Food" on it, looking like the headline from the Food section.  
We made Caesar salad with our own homemade dressing, asparagus, and Tilapia with Rosemary.  The kids rocked!  They sliced, cut, blended, whisked like pros!
 Here they are preparing the lettuce for our Caesar salad.
 Dominic sampling the asparagus.  It was sooooo good!  I love to see the kiddos loving veggies!

Sophia loved the asparagus too, can you tell??

The chefs ready to eat!  As you can tell from the time stamp, we started cooking a little late, but hey, we cooked, and we had fun. 

Sorry doggies, but this food is too good for you!  They miss the burned grilled cheese...

On Tuesday I get to go to Bartolotta's in Tosa and the Pfister.  Chef Juan Urbieta is teaching us how to make Lasagna, and we are making some kind of chocolate cake at the Pfister.  Yummmmm....

Life tastes good!!!

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