Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere

I guess when one gives up Facebook for Lent, one ends up blogging...maybe that is the new Murphy's Law or something...anyway...this is more fun.
I love to write for fun, and if people want to read what I write, more power to me them.

To formally introduce myself, I am Jessica.  I have a gorgeous and brilliant husband, (seriously, no sarcasm) an 8 year old daughter that just kills me she is so much fun, a 7 year old son that has a heart of gold, and can crack up even the biggest grumps, and 2 Weimaraner dogs. 

I get to homeschool our kids.  This is our second official year.  I also work at a local technical college. 

I named this blog "Learning Out Loud" because it seems nothing in our house is done quietly.  I think our whole family likes to live out loud in general.  I frequently tell the kids to find their internal volume and to turn it down just a couple of notches.  It's not that they are running around yelling at each other, it's just that, as Sophia often says, they have "strong projection". 

I also picked the title because learning is such a focal point in our family's life.  My husband is a teacher, I am a teacher, our kids are living sponges...but because this is "my blog", it is about how I am continuously learning..  My children teach me so much.  My parents still teach me.  My husband and our marriage is a lesson in love and partnership.  And hey, learning how to cook in the public eye is definitely out loud! 

So there we have it.  On to the next adventure!


  1. Jessica, I love your blog, the title, your posts, your winning the Lousy Chef contest (which made me laugh out loud)... all of it! What a great idea. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures. ~ Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! I wish I could say that the "Lousy Chef" aspect of it is fictional...have a great day!