Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if it's me being down that starts things not going well, or if it's things not going well that make me down.

Nothing big, just one of those days that makes me appreciate happy days.  It's so clear that when we open ourselves up, in a positive way, to others and to new experiences, the flow is so there, whether you call your flow 'chi' or 'God' or the 'universe', that flow is so contingent upon if we are tuned in to the big signal.

Things just didn't click today.  Doesn't mean it's a 'bad' day, just not a 'flow' day.  Every day is a 'God' and 'Universe' day, but I felt like I was between two AM own signal was unclear.

I think in the yin and yang of things, these days are necessary to remind us of how good normal is, how good life is.

It's funny, I spend so much time with my children, that we really are in tune with each other.  Today, they were off too, and we so rarely are off tune with each other.

Tomorrow is another day.  I am going to take the lessons of this day to tomorrow, and reach my antennae out a little higher...

Good night!

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