Thursday, March 25, 2010

Running Zen

About a year or so ago, I bought an hour of personal training at the Y.  This was a big step for me.  I am, by nature, very frugal when it comes to things for myself. I bought this hour because I was training for 5K's last summer. I am very good at starting a running program, or should I say an exercise program in general, but just when it gets easy, I am equally good at quitting it.  I "Stormed the Bastille" in '09, and that's all she wrote.  I guess I just like the struggle.

Last night I finally didn't cancel my appointment with the trainer to run.  Chris is tough, and our run was outside.  I was nervous, but the kind of nervous one feels at the top of a roller coaster. 

Our run was absolutely phenomenal. 

I still hit that point at about 2 miles that it really stinks.  It was especially bad because I hit it on a hill, and it hurt. I think that is where I get stuck sometimes, when the hurt means 'stop' and when to push through it. 
Chris talked while we were running, and almost anaerobic as I was, I listened.

He talked about being in the moment with running, not to anticipate the hill and adjust before you even get there, but tackle the hill when you are on it. 

He talked about how to focus on your whole body being pulled to your goal, your feet gliding forward, like magnets in your toes, instead of focusing on your feet pounding the pavement.

We talked about inertia.

We talked about the importance of breath, find your pattern, maybe even find a mantra.

We also didn't talk, and I didn't have my IPod on, as I usually do.  It was in the breath, and the rhythm of my feet that I found my Zen. 

I ran further than I have in a long time (3.8 miles for me is very good).  I hear that around 6 miles, you feel like you can run forever...I look forward to seeing if my Zen goes that far.

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