Sunday, March 21, 2010

An unexpected gift

The kindness of others...our little cousin, Emily, who lives in Alabama, has ovarian cancer.  Unfortunately, ovarian cancer is not that rare, but Emily is only seven years old.  Emily is the youngest person ever to be diagnosed. 

Our family goes to a wonderful church in Cedarburg.  We asked if Emily could be put on the prayer list, and the response from the church is truly a testament to the goodness in people.  About a month ago, our church sent a handmade prayer blanket for her, prayed upon by the whole congregation.

Today, Dominic and I got to read at church; he did a wonderful job!  We both even got to hand out the communion bread.  At the end of the service, our pastor asked a man named Jim from our church to come forward, and to "bring the box" up with him.  Jim, it turns out, heard about Emily, and drove 4 hours round-trip to buy her a stuffed Steiff cat.  He told me that he thinks of her every day.  When I showed him Emily's caring bridge site, his eyes filled with tears at her picture.  There is such goodness out there.  Please pray for little Emily, and let us all continue to see the good in each other.

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